About Us

RKBM NETWORK PRIVATE LIMITED (Brand Name GOLDEN WALLET) is an electronic distribution company which enables SMEs / entrepreneurs to offer consumer services at their retail points. Golden Wallet aggregates & distributes different services like recharges, remittances, bill payments, online shopping, merchant shopping, travel, insurance and financial services from multiple suppliers on to a single platform and seamlessly extends to our distributors on a prepaid model.

We touch Indian consumer daily via our services and also generate employment for small time entrepreneurs, providing them with livelihood and increased opportunities of growth & prosperity.

From a social standpoint we enable & train the bottom of the pyramid merchants to harness business success in day to day operations and business.

Our state of the art technology is time proven and is one of the most stable services available in the market. We undertake strict Quality control to ensure the highest level of service. All our offerings have the benchmark high uptimes.

Our Mission

Create a nationwide service retail presence fulfilling end consumers through our alternate distribution

Upgrade lives of rural people giving them social & economic independence

Provide a massive scale transaction processing infrastructure with the lowest cost of delivery.

Convert the parallel cash economy into electronic transactions.

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